Empowering communities and creating lasting change.

We believe that every child in Africa deserves a safe, happy childhood, and the opportunity to thrive from early years to adulthood.

About 177 Foundation

177 Foundation is a non-profit organization devoted to helping underprivileged communities in Africa. Our primary focus is to ensure access to inclusive education and safe spaces so that children in Africa can grow, learn, and thrive. We are committed to promoting humanitarian aid, supporting community projects, and improving the well-being of vulnerable families and communities.

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    Contributing to Humanitarian Aid

    We are dedicated to providing humanitarian aid to rural communities by addressing the prevalent issues of malnutrition, hunger, and poverty. Our primary objective is to empower these communities to thrive by distributing essential food supplies.

    During crises such as medical emergencies, famines, or natural disasters, we take swift action by delivering emergency aid, including food, water, shelter, and healthcare services that are essential for survival. 

    Supporting Community Projects

    Our organization is deeply committed to creating a better future for underprivileged communities, and we are achieving this by implementing a range of diverse, impactful programs. Which covers healthcare initiatives, agriculture programs, and water resource programs.

    We are focused on providing access to quality medical care and support services, supporting sustainable farming practices, promoting food security, providing training and resources to smallholder farmers, and lastly, improving access to clean water and sanitation facilities, as well as promoting water conservation and management.

    Transforming the lives of the vulnerable

    We are passionate about making changes on issues that matter to us. We are committed to promoting humanitarian aid and supporting community projects.