About 177 Group

Our market-focused approach is the cornerstone of our business. By aligning our subsidiaries to reflect the unique needs of each market.

About 177 Group

177 Group is a global integrated company that operates various businesses, With an unwavering commitment to conducting business with integrity and fairness, We remain fully dedicated to growing our businesses while contributing to a prosperous society.

We were established in 2023 as an international group with subsidiaries in financial advisory, chauffeur services, luxury jewelry sales, music label management, and charity across the UK, Dubai, and Nigeria. Our headquarters are based in the UK, and we take pride in our accomplishments and the trust that our clients have in us. Our strategy is to remain highly focused on building sustainable, customer-centric businesses for the long term.


To provide luxury goods and services worldwide while giving back to communities and creating opportunities.


To become a top-tier company that provides luxurious goods, and services and promotes international artists to millions of people worldwide.

Core Values

We are committed to positively impacting our employees and clients across our subsidiaries and providing quality service delivery with a customer-centric approach.

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Our Subsidiaries

Our group is unwavering in our commitment to providing exceptional luxury goods and services, top-notch financial and entertainment services, and generously contributing to charitable causes.


177 Chauffeurs


177 Financial Advisory


177 Jewellery


177 The Label


177 Foundation

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177 Foundation

177 Foundation is a non-profit organization devoted to helping underprivileged communities in Africa. Our primary focus is to ensure access to inclusive education and safe spaces.

We strive to exceed your expectations

We ensure that we deliver the best possible value to our customers. This approach enables us to stay ahead of the curve and remain a trusted partner in the industry.